Investment Management

We specialize in value investing. Our goal is to maintain and grow our clients’ wealth at a rate greater than inflation and in-line with the client’s risk tolerance. Our investment process has been developed and honed over our founder’s 25+ years of investment management experience. Our philosophy is to focus on what you can control – the price you pay for an investment, the cash flow generated by the investment and your diversification strategy. We don’t make bets on the future, try to time the markets, or chase after the latest hot investment. Instead, we stick to time-tested strategies that are known to protect and grow wealth. Keeping our clients wealthy, by helping them avoid common financial traps, is at the heart of our process.

Custom Portfolios

With over 25 years of experience, we have come to realize that many investors’ portfolios are not aligned with their true risk tolerance and return goals. We strive to align your portfolio with how you feel about your wealth.

Dividends Matter

Dividends provide amazing benefits such as income, inflation protection and can be taxed at lower rates than ordinary income. We emphasize dividends in our portfolios.

Long-Term Focus

Your odds of making money in the stock market are 74% in any given year. If you hold for five years your odds improve to 88%. If you stay invested for ten years, your odds are an incredible 96%! The data for long-term investing is powerful and compelling.

Value Investing

Value investing is a proven investment strategy. Our focus is on the price we pay, the cash flow we receive and risk mitigation. We believe that value investing gives us the best opportunity to compound your wealth over time.

Expertise Matters

Financial advisors have widely different levels of expertise. We believe that clients who entrust their wealth to an advisor deserve to work with highly credentialed experts.

HighPass Asset Management holds the most important designations in the financial services field: The Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Public Accountant credentials. Learn more about the CFA and CPA designations.

Limited Taxes

Limiting the tax liabilities arising from your investments can help you reach your goals more quickly and efficiently. Thanks to our CPA-level tax expertise, we provide clients with sophisticated tax-management strategies that help drive overall net returns.

How Can You Be Ready for the Next Recession?

Many investors do not understand what a risk score is or how to relate a risk score to their portfolio. Making a mistake in your investments can really set you back later in life. Find out more about investment risk tolerance in this video!


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