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Tax you Pay on $50k of Dividend Income. Ordinary vs Qualified Dividends.

How much federal tax do you pay on $50,000 of dividend income? The amount will vary based upon the type of dividend, ordinary vs qualified, and how much you receive from wages, social security, IRA distributions, etc. In this video I review four different scenarios to show the tax differences on $50,000 of dividend income based upon stage of life and other income sources. You will see right away that for most people, they will pay significantly less tax on qualified dividends vs ordinary dividends. Also, investors should be aware that annuity income, rental income and interest income are all taxed in the same manner as ordinary dividends; i.e. taxed as ordinary income. This video only considers federal tax since each state has its own tax unique tax rate. After watching this video you will have a better understanding of how dividends are taxed.

T-Bills vs CDs. Which one is Better? Taxes|Fees|Risk. T-Bills Win!

T-bills have several advantages over CDs for investors looking for conservative investments. T-Bills interest is state income tax free while CD interest is taxed at the state level, depending upon your state income tax rate. T-bills can be purchased without fees at treasury direct while CDs carry hidden commissions. T-bills are a safer investment than CDs.


Retirement Planning

How long will your money last? What asset allocation should you use? What spending rate should you use? How should you invest during retirement? I answer these questions and more.

Tax Planning for Retirement

The bottom line matters. Not all retirement income sources are taxed the same way. Watch these videos to learn how to lower your taxes in retirement.

Retirement Income Spending Strategies

Learn how much you can sustainably spend off your retirement investments.

Estate Planning

Learn the steps necessary to fund your trust, why you need to fund your trust and how to avoid probate.

Stock Market Cycles and Analysis

Learn where we are at in the stock market cycle. The stock market has had a very obvious pattern for more than a century. Learn the pattern and the average time for a bull and bear market.

Investment Risk

Learn how to properly assess your risk tolerance. Learn how to calculate the best case and worst case 1 year outcomes for different risk categories.